child and family Therapy Services

child and family Therapy Services

Play Therapy Advantage offer the following counselling services;

  • Individual therapy services
  • Group therapy services
  • Family therapy services

Child Centered Play Therapy (CCPT) is a relationship based counselling modality that helps children communicate their inner experiences through the use of toys and play.  Play is their language and toys are their words.  Given the right therapeutic environment a child can begin to make sense of their world working through deep emotional fears, wounds and experiences.  The therapeutic relationship provides dynamic growth and healing in a safe and friendly environment.

Filial Family Therapy engages parents/carers as partners in the process of strengthening their own families.  This training helps parents/carers understand the child’s world and experiences.  

They will be taught new skills and techniques to respond to their child in a therapeutic way during special playtime. They will create a safe space using carefully selected toys and materials where their child can play out their story, learn about their world, express themselves and develop understanding of (and better manage) their feelings. This provides the child the opportunity for learning, expression, rehearsal, self-discovery and growth.


The following is a list of outcomes expected:

  • Decrease in behaviour
  • Strengthening of the parent and child relationship
  • Minimises placement breakdown for kids in fostercare
  • Filial groups offer a support network for groups of parents
  • A greater insight into a child’s world and experiences for parents/carers
  • Provides opportunities for children to ‘tell their story’ in a safe way
  • Increased school attendance
  • Increase in concentration leading to improved academic achievement
  • Less anxiety for parents and children

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