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How can I find out what I need to do to become a Play Therapist and what counselling, psychology, social work or other mental health qualifications do I need to become a Play Therapist?
Please visit www.apta.asn.au for information about becoming a Clinical Member and Registered Play Therapist with the Australian Play Therapists Association (APTA). This will give you information about the counselling, social work, psychology or other mental health related qualifications and Play Therapy training requirements to become an APTA Registered Play Therapist. Please contact APTA directly for further information. Please also go to the Play Therapy Australia Training Program webpage where you can download the information about the Child Centered Play Therapy Training Program and requirements. Please click here: Play Therapy Training Program.

How can I get support to help me find a pathway to become a Play Therapist?
´╗┐Play Therapy Australia also offers mentoring and consultancy sessions. If you would like support to find the pathway that is right for you, please email info@playtherapyaustralia.com to receive information about the fees and to book an appointment. Sessions are offered in person, by phone and skype. To visit the Consultancy webpage for more information, please click here: Mentoring and Consultancy

What do Play Therapists earn as a salary and/or in private practice?
In agencies, organisations and in private practice in Australia, most Play Therapists will be paid according to their qualification as a counsellor, social worker, psychologist, occupational therapist, mental health nurse, art therapist or related mental health field.

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