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About Play Therapy
"Play is a child's language and toys are their words" - Garry Landreth

Play Therapy is a means of creating a relationship with children or young people, in which play is the primary way in which they communicate (wilson 2000). Similar to adult counselling the aim of this experience is to bring about change in the child’s world.


In Non-Directive Child-Centered Play Therapy, the therapist enters the world of the child, following the child’s lead, developing a safe place and a relationship of trust. It is here the child can express thoughts, feelings, experiences and behaviours through play, as the child’s natural language.


Conventional talking therapies maybe inappropriate for children as it is often difficult for children to talk about how they feel and how things have affected them. In Play Therapy, toys are their words and play is their language.


We see the child’s behaviour as being a symptom of something deeper.  Through the therapeutic relationship we are able to work with children to support their emotional and psychosocial development, fostering their innate potential for inner growth and healing and enabling them to gain some sense of balance and control in their lives.


Play allows children to re-enact frightening real life events through the use of toys, this narrative is often unaccessible to the child on a verbal level, this re-enactment is important because it provides a way for children to control in fantasy what is unmanageable in reality. 


Through play and the safety of the therapeutic relationship children can begin to make sense of their experiences and are free to transform a past experience or event. From this experience children gain an increased understanding of self, their world and past experiences, which nourishes the development of new neural connections within the child’s brain. Through this process children develop an understanding of self, social, emotional, relational, and problem-solving skills and strategies, gaining psychological insight all which leads to healing, self discovery and growth.


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